Spotlight Charity of the Week!

Spotlight Charity of the week


Why Dresses for Haiti supports KOFAVIV

Dresses for Haiti began after the founder read an article about KOFAVIV’s mission. A small newspaper article stated women were being raped and this organization was there to support victims. Not only are the supporting victims with actual help but they are empowering them as well. What really struck us most was that this organization is run by women who a rape survivors and are therefore able to lend both physical and emotional supports. Continue reading to find out what KOFAVIV does and how you can help.


KOFAVIV is an organization in haiti that was established by and for rape survivors. KOFAVIV stands for “Komisyon Fanm Viktim Viktim louse,” translated from Creole to English, this acronym stands for “The Commission of Women Victims for Victims”

What do they do?

KOFAVIV provides support for rape victims as well as a continued desire to change the institutions that allow rape to continue and be unaddressed.

  • Providing a safe space for women to gather, support one another and organize to meet their needs and rebuild their community networks.
  • Offering trainings for women on how to stay safe, manage stress, care for traumatized children and maintain family health and hygiene in the hazardous environment of the camps.
  • Facilitating psycho-social support through peer-counseling groups of rape survivors who empower one another to heal and rebuild their lives. (

Check out their mission here at



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