About Us

Dresses for Haiti began with a simple idea and expanded into a drive to make that idea a reality. The organization was created in response to violence in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Our mission is to change the life of women and young girls 
 around the world with every stitch and seam we create. We aim to combine fashion and charity to help the people of Haiti at the moment and other countries as we expand.

We want to take a vain concept and make it into a charitable one. Dresses for Haiti will provide help for the disadvantaged, a spotlight for young designers, and fashion for those who wish to help our mission.
 How We Help: 
Raising Awareness: We spotlight charities in Haiti that are on the ground making a difference in Haiti. We also are dedicated to showing a different side of Haiti by highlighting the amazing Haitian culture, arts, language, and history.
Little Dresses for Haiti: A new dress for a new Haiti– Here at Dresses for Haiti we firmly believe that the arts can be an agent of change. Using fashion, we recruit designers and volunteers to sew beautiful dresses for the young girls in Haiti. Not only are the young girls getting a dress but we are helping renew their confidence and providing them with a momentary smile.  To find out more about how you can sew dresses for young girls and women in Haiti click here
Sewing Dresses for Change: For this portion of the organization we recruit design interns to sew beautiful one of a kind dresses to showcase in a fashion show. This fashion show is used to raise awareness of the problems still occurring in Haiti. At the same time the dresses are sold. The proceeds of these dresses benefit Dresses for Haiti and other amazing charities that are on the ground helping in Haiti. To find out more about how you can help design dresses for our fashion shows click here

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