DIY Tutorials!

This page is all about DIY! A page for those crafty creatives who love sewing especially those who love to make quality things that don’t cost a lot to make or take forever to sew!

The tutorials here are made to be accessible and easy so that people all over the world can learn how to make beautiful handmade dresses. While you are learning how to make a beautiful dress for yourself consider making the same dress or a couple of beautiful dresses for young girls in Haiti.

All dresses are donated to young girls and women in Haiti. So sew away amazing DIYs and creatives and make a difference with every stitch and seam you create!

We are constantly updating our page with new and original tutorials so stay tuned!


Shirred Dress tutorial D4H

Elastic Dresses tutorial D4H

ruffle sleeve dress tutorial

Boat Neck Peasant Dress

Boat Neck Peasant Dress

8 point Dress



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