Holiday Shopping List: Support small businesses

We here at Dresses for Haiti LOVE supporting small businesses and artists for the holidays! We have been fortunate enough to network with so many amazing people who are hardworking small business owners so we thought why be so selfish and keep it to ourselves! Check out these amazing businesses and support them! We have something for everyone! Men, women, children, artist, fashionistas, and beauty fanatics! If you know of a small business THAT YOU LOVE, don’t be selfish! Share the love! feel free to comment on this post with the business and link!

Are you doing last minute shopping and looking for that unique, handmade gift? Check out this list of small businesses!

For the artsy and interior designer in all of us! This family owned business has become our of my favorites. Their handmade and handcrafted products are from the earth and unique guaranteed to give your home an aesthetic beauty of art and positivity

Susterwood Works specializes in driftwood and reclaimed wood art, Suster Woodworks is a family run business based in San Diego, California. They create shabby chic coastal furnishings and rustic décor out of objects they find along the shores of San Diego’s local beaches! They sell their items through their Etsy shop at, or you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!




The Real Haiti


We love supporting small businesses and we love even more supporting small businesses who support Haiti. Check out The Real Haiti for their amazing insight and handmade jewelry!
Diana Pierre-Louis is a public relations/marketing professional and founder of, a blog about the other side of Haiti that has yet to be discovered by tourists. The Real Haiti is an educational tool that shows Diana’s personal experiences in Haiti. Her digital marketing skills, and love for Haiti gives a unique perspective on the Haitian culture and how she wants to reshape Haiti’s image.
The Haitian inspired jewelry on is designed and made by Diana with each piece telling a story about Haiti. Jewelry, other accessories and shirts are available for purchase on
Diana can be contacted at or 561-504-6632.
For the little princess and fashionista in your life! 
429510_556272824386959_216625798_nShelby 023 copyShelby 036 copy
Are you looking for a touch of vintage in your life. Why not treat the little princess in your life like royalty with this boutiques amazing tutus, tutu dresses, fabric dresses, and headbands. There is nothing we love better than handmade and this is the place to have your custom orders dreamed! They even have products for the little king in your life! Mikayla Aleah Boutique brings you all your needs for your little Princess and prince with a special Vintage touch. All their items are handmade and can be customized to your needs! Plus Mikayla Aleah Boutique donates 10% of all sales to Dresses for Haiti. Check out theirHaitian inspired tutu called Ayiti Cherry! This tutu pays tribute to Haiti and all proceeds are donated to Dresses for Haiti! This tutu can be custom made like all other orders! 
ayiticherry1 ayiticherry2 ayiticherry3
For beauty queen and king! 

Kreyol_Essence_CastorOil_Jen150 Kreyol_Essence_CastorOil_RuthPomade150 kreyolessence-palmashea

This company is an Ithaca based beauty company with amazing produts for hair and skin. We love this business because they bring Haiti to America through beauty products! Kreyòl Essence is dedicated to introducing premium Haitian goods to the US market and offers an extensive array of wellness-based products for those serious about healthy hair, skin and body. Their exciting and purposeful company is anchored by the hydrating and healing properties of our signature product, Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil. Kreyòl Essence uses luxury and ethically-sourced ingredients crafted in partnership with the people of Haiti.

Their product portfolio includes Palma Shea™ Hair and Body Butter, a nourishing blend of Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil™ with African Shea Butter designed to infuse the skin and hair with moisture; Pomad Kreyòl™, a unique and tropical blend of Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil™, Haitian Aloe Vera, Haitian Coconut Oil and Haitian Pine nut oil infused with the exotic Kreyòl Essence herb blend and Savon Kréyol™, a line of organic handcrafted soap packed with premium ingredients like goat’s milk and citrus peels designed to gently exfoliate skin.

Envisioned as a true lifestyle brand, additional offerings from Kreyòl Essence include Bouji: Gourmet Soy Candles, rounding out this line of everyday indulgences. The line has launched in selected market segments and is currently available for wholesale and retail purchase online.

Visit to learn more. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter


For the hipster and fashionista


What do we love most about AmCO. Well other than the amazing and cute vintage t-shirts for both men and women, WE LOVE the hustle and hard work of CEO Adriana Marie. Adriana Marie Co owner, creator and designer Adriana Marie has been working with Dresses for Haiti together since 2010 putting together a fashion show, Fashion’s Night Out,  and a
show for New York Fashion Week. Adriana Marie Co has also donated proceeds from their sales to
Dresses for Haiti.

The launch of the designer’s new collection Getting Graphic is inspired by her passion for love, travelling and friendship. Two of the new pieces are named after her two best friends. Adriana Marie Co’s foundation is love, life and happiness. All our messages are meant to trigger a positive emotion derived from a real life experience 530436_10151274474613836_1322635527_nPhotoshoot for Adriana Marie Co. Cali Lookbookwe all have gone or are going through. It’s real clothing for real women and men with a purpose. Check them out on Karmaloop

Facebook: Twitter: @adrianamarieco Instagram: @adrianamarieco Website:
Haitian Creations
 Do you love handmade jewelry, purses, and art as much as we do! Do you love knowing that your purchase is actually helping women! We thought so! 


Haitian Creations is a program through (non-profit) Heartline Ministries, where Haitian women make purses, earrings, accessories and jewelry while at the same time empowering and creating independence for them. Check out some of their personal stories here. Heartline Ministries has been serving the country of Haiti for over 20 years. Women that take part in Heartline Ministries’ beading and sewing program get to choose whether or not they want to Make the items for Haitian Creations. The beautiful items are then bought and sold to people here in America.

Check out some of their beautiful handmade merchandise

necklacescroll artbag

Adria Streeter

Are you looking for the beautiful one-of-a-kind dress or outfit for the holidays? Check out Amazing designer Adria Streeter. Soon after being showcased at the 2nd Annual Dresses for Haiti Fashion Show in New York, Adria Streeter launched her brand, Adria Streeter, which consists of custom special occasion dresses for women and children.

While a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology, she interned, and worked, for fashion designers throughout NYC.  She recently interned at Marchesa and currently assists with design and sales at Miguelina INC.. Adria has designed looks for celebrities’ red carpet events as well as major magazine editorials.

See her designs on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

1lookbook image copy05rose dress08cidney dress09purplr girls dress

And check out these amazing Dresses designed by Adria Streeter EXCLUSIVELY for Dresses for Haiti. To find out more about how you can purchase these dresses contact

04shakere 03jennifer dress Adria Streeter Fashion Line 2012 076-edited

Meet the Designers!!

This year we were excited to recruit a fresh batch of designers and dresses for our Second Annual Fashion show. Every year our theme is “Express Yourself” and boy did the designer do that. We love seeing such a diverse set of creativity and aesthetic ideas. We would love to introduce you to the designers and here they are!

Anna Bekere

Anna Bekere was born in Latvia in 1990.In June 2009 she graduated from the private secondary school ‘Norma’ and obtained an attestation of secondary education.In September 2009 she started her undergraduate studies in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in London. In October 2011 she have started from the beginning undergraduate course in Fashion design in Bedfordshire University to consolidate the knowledge in fashion design.
Since she has always been a creative personality, during her studies in secondary school she exposed herself to a variety of part-time activities, such as singing, dancing, acting, playing the guitar and modelling. As a singer, she recorded a track and participated and got awards in various singing competitions. As a dancer in ‘Todess’ studio in Riga, she participated in multiple concerts. As a student in a modelling school, she gained basic skills of presenting herself, keeping posture and feeling confident on stage. All those activities helped her to develop as a creative personality with broad interests and skills.
As a creative person deeply inspired by the fashion industry, she feel that a Dresses for Haiti  gives to her a great opportunity to express herself, gives great experience in fashion industry and opportunity to help people. It would be a natural progression in her career and she look forward to the opportunities and challenges it will bring.
ImageJackie Chelales
Jacqueline Chelales just moved to New York after graduating from high school in Indianapolis, Indiana. She currently resides in Brooklyn. She is will be attending Parsons The New School for Design in fall 2012 to start foundation year, and after that, she will be working towards receiving her BFA in Fashion Design. Jacqueline loves creating unique pieces and experimenting with intricate details. While she has been creating garments for many years, this Dresses for Haiti show will be her first fashion show. She is looking forward to participating in the show and being part of such a great cause.
Amber Murray
Amber lives and goes to school in Texas but as a New York native. At a very young age she developed her unique interest in all things related to the fashion industry. The people that knows Amber the best would describe her as a budding young star that will not disappoint and will one day develop into a major success. Amber would describe her design aesthetic as minimalistic with an extreme attention to detail and peers would say its versatile, simple, and flirty yet girly. Amber loves helping people anyway she can so when she learned that she could do something as simple and easy as sewing garments to help benefit the less fortunate she was very eager to get on board!
Felicia Magnan
Felicia Magnan was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is a  rising junior of SUNY College at Oneonta with a major in fashion design and a minor in business communications. A young designer eager to learn, Felicia is passionate about fashion, photography and music. She appreciates all forms of the arts including the acquisition of new languages and the exploration of literature. In her free time, she enjoys vintage shopping. Felicia, raised by a house of strong women, is passionate about empowering women from all walks of life. She aspires to do so by using fashion and wearbale art to ignite and nourish confidence in individuals internationally. Felicia was a raised by a strong Haitian woman who instilled in her the importance of giving back. She joined Dresses for Haiti to help the people of the country of her family and the people of a country who practice everything she believes in, beauty and perseverance.
ImageAmira Okelley
Amira Okelly was born and raised in New York and now attends the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She’s of Italian, Egyptian descent and appreciates different cultures and lifestyles. As a fashion major she loves and appreciates every aspect of the industry. When it comes to fashion whether designs or even dressing herself, she loves simplicity and minimalism. From singing to writing, she believes that ambition is key in life. And most of all, she absolutely cannot live without Starbucks coffee.
ImageJingyue Zheng
Jingyue Zheng was born and grew up in China. She was a fine art oil painter in China. She came to the U.S.A in 2010 as a Fashion design student. Jingyue has studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She came to the big apple pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She wants to comebin fine art and fashion together and start her own line. She has dreamed of being a great fashion designer since she was 12 years old. Along with her passion for art and fashion, Jingyue is also an active member of the volunteering community. She was a member in red-cross when she was in China and was a volunteer in disaster area since the big earthquake on 5.12.2012 in China. Understanding how difficult  it is to live after the earthquake Jingyue joined Dresses for Haiti which gave her the chance to be a real fashion designer and also can help the people in Haiti.
Adria Streeter
Originally from Denver Colorado, Designer Adria Streeter has always had an eye for fashion. After receiving her high school diploma, she packed her bags and moved to New York City in pursuit of a career in fashion. Adria is a student at FIT and has interned and worked for well known fashion designers and bridal boutiques throughout NY.
Adria has multiple clients that order custom gowns and dresses ranging from bridal to flower giel dresses.Her technical abilities include styling, draping, sewing, drafting patterns, sketching, computer illustrations and sales. Adria soon hopes to begin a line of her own in the near future and enjoys the opportunity to work with Dresses for Haiti to gain more experience as well as possibly create her own business that combines fashion and charity.
Chris Raske
Chris Raske from San Antonio discovered his passion for design during his freshman year of high school. He decided to relocate to New York City in 2012 to pursue a degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Chris’ inspiration for his designs stem from the structured and symmetrical look of the military.
Raven Curry

Raven Curry was born on February 25 1993, in The Bronx, NY but around the age of 5 I moved to North Carolina with his mother and sister where he was raised for 10-11 years. Being exposed to alternative styles allowed him to branch out and more specifically, to the Gothic Subculture around the 2nd half of his freshmen year. The clothing in this subculture also provided a driving force behind his designing since a majority of the clothing in this subculture is not sold in mainstream outlets and about 80% of it is handmade, which can prove to be extremely expensive for a high school student, so he sought out how to make my own clothing .The more he learned about the gothic subculture the more I was exposed to Victorian/Elizabethan/Edwardian styles. His aesthetic pulls a lot of inspiration from the 1700s-1920s with a romantic gothic twist as well as a lot of use from Petticoats, Lace, Fringes, Corsetry, Garters and etc. His main goal is to have the person wearing his garments convey this sense of Queen-like type of elegance and grace that exudes a underlying sexual flare all while being comfortable at the same time.


Krystle Murray

 For more information about any of these designers feel free to email