Social Media, Bello Empowering Women in Haiti

If there was ever a revolutionary way to be discovered through social media, American actress Maria Bello helped pave the way. Bello has been a long time proponent of helping women in Haiti and has vowed to keep a hand … Continue reading

The Hurricane That Was

With the hurricane season roughly behind us, we can all rest once more. That statement holds particularly true for Haiti. Hurricane Isaac Hurricane Isaac briefly stormed through in late August leaving terrible destruction behind. Homes were damaged and areas were flooded all around. In addition to the devastation left behind, there were a few casualties. After much speculation about the number of deaths, the local news stated that there were 29 deaths in all. Sadly, the Hurricane Isaac swept across the southern peninsula Hurricane Isaac on the southern peninsula of Haiti. where much of the earthquake of 2010 took place.

Even though Haiti was forced to endure yet another natural disaster, they were fortunate enough to avoid another full-scale debacle like 2010. It would have been one of the most ill fated situations of all time. Some of the earthquake victims were still hit by the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. Many of the tents in quake settlement camps were either flooded or collapsed. The flooding is especially a burden due to the increase of cholera. Contaminated waters cause cholera, which results to infection in the small intestine. This was already a problem before the hurricane passed through.


Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe


President Michel Martelly

The response from Haiti’s leading officials was quick and quite impressive. Haiti’s civil protection agency set up 1500 emergency shelters for over 5000 evacuees. It is well documented that President Michel Martelly  and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe  visited tent camp residents together. President Martelly did so after immediately canceling his trip to Japan to coordinate the emergency response efforts. It was obvious that there was not going to be any type of missteps during this time of need.

There was a sigh of relief heard around the entire Caribbean country of Haiti. In what could have been a completely grievous situation, turned into proof once again that the population of Haiti is strong and ready for any adversity that comes their way. Now with another setback in the process of rebuilding, one can only hope that the earthquake victims are not too discouraged after the hurricane damage. There will be light at the other end of the tunnel.